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Privacy Policy of Web-sport.eu Online Store

I. Who processes the personal data and for what purpose

Personal data submitted by our Customers during registration at and in course of using Web-sport.eu Online Store are processed by “JAN” Katarzyna Bałdyga ul. Rejtana 53a 35-326 Rzeszów NIP 921-158-53-73 NIP UE PL9211585373 REGON 691685037 which has been entered into the register of business enterprises maintained by President of the City of Rzeszów, against number 12696H, and which administers such data in a manner complying with Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101 item 926, as amended).

Your personal data provided to us, in particular: your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, are processed:

  1. to the extent necessary to initiate, define the scope, change, terminate and correctly deliver the services provided via electronic means and to process orders placed by you,

  2. in order to execute orders placed by you for the products on offer at Web-sport.eu Online Store,

  3. to process your complaints or returned services in case of withdrawal from contract (return of goods),

  4. if you agree to receive marketing information from us, including commercial information to be sent to you by us via electronic means; your personal data will be processed by us in order to send information about our store, products and promotions on offer as well as communications about products and services provided by entities cooperating with us (with our prior consent).

    Provision of personal data is optional, yet if we are not authorized by you to process your personal data, this can make it impossible for us to provide services for you via electronic means and you may not be able to do shopping at Web-sport.eu Online Store.
    If you entrust your personal data to us, you can review such data, or have them updated or removed. You can edit and remove your personal data entered into your Customer Account (Your Account -> Change data).

    You can also have your entire Customer Account closed by sending a relevant request to: shop@web-sport.eu from your e-mail address which is currently registered at Web-sport.eu Online Store.

    If you want to cancel your newsletter subscription you can to it:

    • by yourself ( from „Your Account” get to „Change of data” and deselect the option: “I agree to receive e-mail information on promotions and new products on offer in our store”),
    • by using the cancel option in the imprint of each newsletter.


II Safety Rules

“JAN” Katarzyna Bałdyga ensures security of personal data by using adequate technical and organizational means designed to prevent unlawful data processing, or their accidental loss, damage or destruction. Additionally we act with due diligence to ensure that personal data is:

correct and processed lawfully,
received for specified purpose, and are not further processed in a manner inconsistent with such purpose,
adequate, suitable and not excessive,
precise and up to date,
not kept for longer than is necessary,
processed in line with the data subject’s rights, including his/her right to restrict access,
stored in a secure manner,
not transferred without adequate security measures.
Remember that if you put your nickname in the opinion on the purchased product it will be visible to all those using Web-sport.eu Online Store. If you do not want to communicate your nickname or your actual name to unlimited number of people, do not enter such information but change into anonymous mode.

To ensure your own safety, remember to:


1. select login and password for you Customer Account making sure it may not easily be guessed by any third parties. In particular we recommend you should use sequences of symbols and digits as well as lowercase and uppercase letters;
2. log out from Web-sport.eu website after end of session. Closing the window of the browser is not equivalent to logging out from Web-sport.eu website. Logging out from the site will occur after you click the “Logout” button in the top right-hand corner of the site;
3. keep the login and password to your Customer Account secret and do not give the data (login and password) to any third parties;
4. use antivirus software and regularly scan your hardware for viruses;
5. use the website and Web-sport.eu Online Store exclusively through safe computers with reliable software. Using other parties’ computers increases the risk that your login, password and other data may be intercepted;
6. however, if you visit Web-sport.eu Online Store from an unknown computer, e.g. in an Internet cafe, make sure to always delete the browser history and never save any data. Otherwise, they can be used by a person using the computer later.

III. Technical information

Technical information – cookie files
At the time you are using Web-sport.eu Online Store small files (in particular text files) are created and downloaded on your terminal unit (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). The so-called “cookie files” contain information which is necessary for you to be able to correctly use Web-sport.eu Online Store. After these files are downloaded to your equipment it is possible to e.g. store your login data, so that you will not have to enter login and password each time, remember the items added to your basket, or adjust the contents of the website to your preferences. Cookie files make it possible for us to collect statistical data for Web-sport.eu Online Store and as a result improve our Store to match our Customers’ needs.
Cookie files do not contain specific data which make it possible to determine someone’s identity. These files are not in any way harmful for your equipment, they do not change its settings or the settings of its software. The contents of these files may be accessed exclusively by the server which created them.
Web-sport.eu Online Store uses two kinds of cookie files, i.e. session and persistent files. Session cookies are temporary and they are stored in your equipment until you log out from Web-sport.eu Online Store, or leave Web-sport.eu Online Store or close your Internet browser. Persistent cookies remain in the memory of your equipment for the duration of time specified in their parameters or until you remove them.

What cookie files are used by us?

1. Files which are necessary for operating the Store – they make it possible for Web-sport.eu Online Store to operate properly, allow Customers to log into the Store, navigate the Store, do shopping and download files purchased in the Store. If they are not downloaded to your equipment, it is impossible to use the Store;
2. Files ensuring safety of transactions executed within the Store. Lack of such files will make it impossible to execute such transactions safely;
3. Statistical files make it possible for us to collect statistical data about the ways our Customers use our Store;
4. Functional files which make it possible to remember your settings and preferences. After these files are downloaded to your equipment you will not have to enter login and password each time, and the website will display products matching your interests, etc.;
5. Advertising files which make it possible to personalize advertisements. These files may be used by the Store and by entities cooperating with the Store and providing advertising services. As a result the advertisements displayed for you will be adjusted to your preferences, and the number of advertisements may be limited and as a result less inconvenient and tiring.
6. Social media cookies which make it possible to integrate social media websites (e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter), which you use and the Store.

What if you do not agree for downloading the files into your equipment?
Most frequently browser settings allow downloading cookie files by default. If you do not agree for the files to be stored in your equipment, you have to adequately change the settings of your Internet browser, so that cookie files are not saved in your device or in each case a file is saved in your equipment you are informed about the fact. Alternatively, you can delete the files from your equipment after each visit to the Store. Detailed information about the possibility and methods of operating cookie files is available in settings and in “Help” section of your Internet browser. However, you must remember that if you limit the use of cookie files it may be more difficult or impossible for you to take advantage of options on offer at the Store.
Settings in the browser of your equipment permitting storage of the files mean that you agree for the files to be downloaded to your equipment.
Other technical information
We also use geolocation, i.e. we check from what location (continent, country, region and town/village) you place the order. If sales of a given product are prohibited in your location (this relates in particular to mp3 files and e-books) you will not be able to order such a product and you will be informed about the fact with a special communication.
We apply most advanced technologies and special procedures to protect personal data.
Your personal data stored in the data base, which uses technical and organizational means ensuring protection of the processed data in compliance with requirements specified by the generally binding legal regulations on protection of personal data, including the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration as regards internal data processing documentation and technical and organizational conditions which should be fulfilled by devices and computer systems used for personal data processing, issued on 29 April 2004 (Journal of Laws No. 100, item. 1024). The data base may be accessed exclusively by persons authorized by the data administrator.

IV. Final provisions

Due to the ongoing developments and progress in technology the rules specified herein may be amended. You will be notified about such changes in advance, not later than 7 days before they are introduced, via relevant communication with the new contents to be posted at web-sport.eu website.
By using services on offer at Web-sport.eu Store you accept the Rules specified herein


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